About AIC IndonesiaAIC Indonesia is a Higher Education Cooperation Consortium Focus in International Cooperation in Academic department Established since February 17, 2017 by All Indonesian Universities at SEAMEO Seamolec – UT Campus Jakarta.

Fields of Cooperation AIC Indonesia and APCoRE that can be accessed by all Universities:

1. Organizing Seminars / International Conference both domestic and Foreign.
2. Foreign Speaker Assistance in the field of Business Economic, Computer / IT, Health and Social Affairs and Humanities.
3. International Journal Access and Library Access in all Universities in the Asia-Pacific MoU.
4.Student Exchange and Foreign Lecturer.
5. Cooperation and Scholarship for Master and Doctoral degree.
6. Assistance as a Foreign Reviewer Journal as a fields
7. Scopus Indexed Publications Journal, DOAJ, Google Scholar. etc ….
8. Opportunity to attend Visiting Professor Workshop overseas.
9. All AIC Members of Indonesia have access to cooperation in the Asia Pacific region.
10. Provide transportation fee assistance to all Members to invite Foreign Speakers.
11. All University Members will be given INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE and for Members Lecturer awarded INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE.
12. All AIC Indonesia members who write a paper to be published in national journal freely which have been cooperated with the name :
– EKBIS Journal (Bussiness Economics)
– INFOKOM Journal (Computer Information)
– Journal of INFOKES (Health Information)
– Journal of TEXTURA (Social and Humanities)


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