1. Taruna / International Class is a Youth Corps who has good academic, English and ethical skills and a leader spirit as a superior and independent cadet.

2. discuss a more complete education system with a system of lectures, practices, practicums and other academic activities as well as having good English conversation, going abroad for comparative studies, students and international education.

3. Obtain 2 degrees at a time, namely a D.III degree and a D.IV degree with a permanent study period for 3 full years.

4. Potential students of the Taruna / International Class are comparative studies and work internships directly abroad and continue the education of the Master’s program (S-2) abroad with Full Scholarship Facilities from state institutions with the Office Association directly as Employees and Permanent Lecturers in the Campus environment .

5. As a Safe Sense of Safe, Secure and Peaceful Taruna / International Classes during education there is no physical violence whatsoever but rather will instill discipline, national character, corporeal spirit, kinship and leadership as well as cooperation and independence