1. Free English Language Acceleration Program to support the learning process in Youth / International Classes.

2. Free of Charge for Making Passports for International / Overseas Activities.

3. Free of charge of TARUNA Diksar including accommodation, transportation and meals.

4. Free of charge Complete Youth Corps Uniforms including Official Clothes, Cap and Socks @ 2 sets, T-shirts, Bags, Belts, Pocket Books, Pins, Shoes and Evolet / Youth Rankings.

5. Free of Compaction Semester / Short Semester until Graduation.

6. Priority opportunities to take part in Public Lectures with Foreign Lecturers and National and International activities.

7. Priority for direct apprenticeships in Local Governments and Working Partners who have collaborated.

8. The study period is faster, namely for 3 years of learning with 2 degrees at the same time with an intensive lecture system and have good English language skills for the needs of comparative studies, education and internships abroad.

9. Graduates of the International Class are prioritized for direct Service Ties as Staff and Permanent Lecturers while simultaneously being awarded a Master Program Education Scholarship (S-2) both domestically and abroad.